Here is a small glimpse of this special BnB’s journey…

The history of the “Demeure des Elfes” goes back to 1957, when Stephan Metry (mayor of Albinen from 1958 to 1968) and his wife Ilse Metry-Dinkhauser built the famous Berghotel. After almost 50 years of great success and a fame that went far beyond the region, the hotel was abandoned for 7 long years.

It was then that two Elves from Belgium, in search of adventure and challenges, discovered this little jewel. “They visited it, flying from room to room with enthusiasm, walking in the garden between the fruit trees and admiring the breathtaking view from its large terrace”.
and decided to roll up their sleeves and give it a new life. That’s how the hotel was renamed “La Demeure des Elfes” and reopened its doors in 2009.

Ten years went by, with busy and successful seasons. Thessalia and Véronique were ready to pass the baton to continue their journey to the land of waffle and beer.

It was at the dawn of 2019, after more than 30 years on the roads of the world, that we were guided to this magical place. “With a good push from our lucky star” as Stéphane says, “as it sometimes happens when strong energies are at the rendez-vous and the gate is wide open”, things unfolded in perfect timing.

After Canada, the United States, Geneva, Belgium, England, South Africa, Singapore and Japan, we were happy to return to Switzerland and start a new life in these Alps that we loved so much.

We look forward to sharing all the richness of our travels with you, and we are sure that you too will fall under the spell of this small piece of paradise!